When Is It Time To Add 20 Inch Wheels To Your Mustang?

With the popularity of custom wheels continuing to grow one would have to ask themselves when should I put new wheels on my car. Most Ford Mustang owners are happy with the stock wheels that come with the car. The factory has started to pump out some nice wheels over the last couple years with a wide selection of styles.You know its time to put a set of twenty inch wheels on your Mustang if your car has no accessories on it to begin with. This is especially true if you purchased a V6 engine. Why even buy a Mustang that does not have a eight cylinder in it. Those cars are not made to just get around in and anybody who knows anything about sports cars can pick your six-cylinder car out from a mile away.If you do not want to add performance parts to your car then the twenty-inch wheel is the way to go. The wheels will tell everybody that you want your car to be noticed. It tells car lovers that you bought yours for a reason and that you don’t want it to be just like everybody else.The biggest reason is that with so many Mustangs on the road you know for a fact that you are going to be sitting a traffic light one day and there is going to be the same car sitting right next to yours. An uncomfortable feeling will come up between you and the person in the other car. Both of you will be thinking that you can’t believe somebody else has the same exact car.Its not like you own a Ford Focus or a Ford Fusion where you bought the car to just get around in and you don’t care if your morning commute has a fleet of those cars following you. You want your Mustang to be the coolest around and its time to make a change.

How to Make the Eco Boost Mustang Not Suck

As someone who loves cars, I want to love the Mustang. I really do. But I have the hardest time welcoming it into my heart, mostly because of the massive cloud of negativity that covers every positive aspect with negative representations. In my 26 years on this planet, 90% of the Mustang owners I’ve interacted with at car events have been jerks, totally un-accepting of anything other than a their glorious Mustang. From flat billed teens rocking their V6 4th Gen ‘Stang, to the middle-aged divorcee clinging to any hope of his twenties via a fully restored Fox body, slamming Miller High Life’s and effectively tarnishing any value in his words.The latter may be offensive to a few people, and for those people, I have one bit of advice – stop what you’re doing, sell your car, and accept that not everyone feels the same way you do about your car. Sure, there are a few really fast Mustang’s out there, some really clean restored Pony’s, and some awesome owners with lots of positive insight and great knowledge stored under their lid. Reflect on if that is you, change accordingly, or move the hell on.Now, to the reason why we’re all here: the 2015+ EcoBoost Mustang. In my opinion, the 6G is one of the most attractive cars to meet Ford’s showroom floor, ever. The lines are simple yet exotic enough to value a second look, fuel economy that is acceptable in today’s competitive market, and enough pop from the factory to appease the needs of most enthusiasts. The list of good things is long for the 6G Mustang, and the EcoBoost option adds another outlet for car lovers and performance guru’s alike. It offers a growing list of aftermarket modifications equal to that of the V8 powered ‘Stang, which means it’ll only get better and more refined as time goes on.

This leads to the point of this post: growing out of the predisposed clique that every Mustang owner is automatically placed in once they leave the dealer lot. Your opinion matters – Yes. But you don’t need to throw aside other people feelings about your car like yesterday’s garbage. Stop being douche’s. Stop doing burnouts at meets in an attempt to bolster your ego. For the love of God actually interact with Chevy guys. You may not like the Camaro or Corvette, but don’t ignore them. They have wheels, engines, and they’re awesome too. We’re all car guys, we’re all here for the same reason, and we all value the approval of our fellow man. The first step to being accepted is to accept your own weaknesses, and being a jerk is a weakness not worthy of forgiveness, so you’ll always be stuck in the niche of pimple-faced teens and jort wearing middle-aged men wearing bowling shirts and sipping overrated beer.The Mustang EcoBoost has tons of potential to do so, and I think it just may project Mustang and Mustang owners into a new stratosphere. Here’s why: the EcoBoost has a turbo. What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you think turbocharger? To me, it’s weekend car meets and track days, typically attracting young guys and old folks alike. In my experience, these events blossom casual car guys who never consider modifications into savvy aftermarket consumers, hungry for performance, value, and increasing knowledge. They also aren’t afraid to communicate strengths and weaknesses in regards to mods.

As an owner of a 2015 Mustang who’s already installed some aftermarket EcoBoost parts, I’m doing my part to educate new owners and those new to Mustangs in general. I hope others take heed of my request, take action, and move on towards making the Mustang name better and feared instead of ignored and neglected.However, one need not forget that, no accolades would have been possible without the contribution of Ford, which provided its excellently innovated automobile parts to bring Mustang to such a height in the automobile industry.Famously known for the durability, fortitude, permanence and reliability, Mustang parts always come in sturdy conditions. Ford Mustang had made models for many companies to demonstrate best quality and excellent Mustang parts and cars. Mustang parts will certainly give strength and excellent look to your Mustang. However, the key element of Mustang parts is the safety and style they provide.If you own a vehicle, some or other day, it grows old and you either sell it or go for modifications. However, one thing that you need to always remember is that, if you prefer to modify your car, then you have to go for better bargains. You will come across many Mustang users, who might buy older model, but replace mustang car parts with best parts available in the market. When it comes about modification of upgrading Mustang cars, users with little idea about automobiles often go for cheap parts available in the market. However, to avoid future dilemma with your Mustang, always go for genuine Mustang parts.With the growing popularity of Mustang Car parts and their unique features, Mustang always comes with new and large varieties of performance parts. With their distinct and exceptional features, each part has the potential to bring up new changes in the car’s performance. For instance, Ford Mustang exhausts are known for being special elements for Mustang racecars. Newly developed exhausts increase the velocity and speed of the car. However, one thing you should consider after installation that Mustang parts are not produced to drive rashly, so you should be careful while driving.

1 Simple Thing You Need to Know About Government Car Auctions

Okay, here we go. The guy with that big voice that does the “big Monster Truck” commercials comes on your TV or radio and says, “This weekend only! Everything must go! Ford Mustangs starting at $10! Eight bedroom homes for just $999!” You get the point. They throw out all these crazy claims with unbelievable numbers that it can’t possibly be true, right? Or is it? For more information check out  this car cover for mustang.

Well, yes and no.They may have sold a Mustang for $10 once or that is the opening bid or something like that, but no, the chances of you getting one for this price are not likely. Same goes for the house. There are too many people that know about and attend these things for you to get a ‘livable’ house for $999 or a car for $10. This is not to say you can not get a good deal. This is not to say you can not get a phenomenal deal! What you ARE going to need to know is where and when are these auctions?See, the government doesn’t usually mess around. They acquire this stuff from drug raids or back taxes or many other different ways. Problem is, they don’t want it. They want the money. They don’t have, nor do they want to obtain the storage for things like that. It cost them money and defeats the purpose. So, they auction it off. Deals are sure to be had. They just want to get rid of it.Now for the tip: Remember those commercials I was talking about at the beginning. Those are usually for a PAID services that will tell you where and when all of these different auctions are going to take place. While some may be good and possibly save you time, they are not really necessary. WARNING TIP COMING (queue the music): Do an internet search. Better yet, go to your cities government page, go to your states government page, and lastly go to the federal government web page. All of these pages end in ‘.gov’ so you know they are the real deal and actually have the correct information you want. Search the page for ‘auctions’ and there you go.That’s it. Sorry that it was not exciting. I’m not saying those paid services are bad or wrong or don’t work. I’m just saying I’m saving my money for that $10 Mustang.

Mustang car

Mustang Motor was born in the tide of reform and opening up in the late 1980s. It is one of the earliest manufacturers of cars in the country. In August 2006, it was renamed Sichuan Automobile Industry Group Co., Ltd., and in December 2011, it was officially renamed as Sichuan Mustang Automobile Co., Ltd.With an annual production capacity of nearly 200,000 vehicles, the company has two major companies: passenger cars and passenger cars. The bus company has a complete four-process production line and an automated terminal inspection line. The production of the Mustang Bus is the key product of Sichuan Province’s key planning and development. The passenger car company introduced the production line and mold from Europe Rover, and established a complete four-process production line. It is the only local vehicle manufacturing enterprise in Sichuan Province. The F-series urban economical SUV models that have already been launched have been unanimously recognized by the market and consumers. Several models such as the S series of stylish SUV models, the X series of high-end SUV models and the dual-use MPV models will also be introduced to the market.Sichuan Automobile Industry Group Co., Ltd. was born in the late 1980s. The “Golden Top” brand passenger car series, “Wild Horse” and “White Deer” brand light off-road vehicles and passenger and cargo vehicles have been popular all over the country, especially the “Wild Horse”. “The brand off-road vehicle is a special vehicle for national inspection-free products and the national “public inspection law” system.In May 1994, Sichuan Automobile Industry Group Corporation was formed by the Chengdu Automobile Automobile Factory and other three automobile enterprises in Chengdu . In September 2002, after the company was restructured, it was approved by the relevant departments of the Chengdu Municipal Government. The whole country’s top 500 private enterprises, Sichuan Fulin Industrial Group Co., Ltd., implemented the overall merger and reorganization, and was listed as the “Eleventh Five-Year Plan” of the Sichuan and Chengdu Municipal People’s Governments. Planning for key automotive manufacturers. In August 2005, the new plant construction and technological transformation were completed, and the urban area was relocated to the National Economic and Technological Development Zone, Chengdu Economic and Technological Development Zone (Longquanyi District). In August 2006, it was renamed Sichuan Automobile Industry Group Co., Ltd. In December 2011, after the reorganization of the shares, it was officially renamed as Sichuan (Boma) Automobile Industry Co., Ltd., referred to as: Mustang Motor.


The company belongs to the second-class automobile whole vehicle and chassis production enterprise in the national automobile product announcement. The existing products of more than 100 varieties of Mustang passenger cars and passenger cars have been announced by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology.

Quality Control

The company has established and maintained the ISO9001 quality management system, in line with the national requirements for production conditions, environmental protection production, etc. All products have passed the China Compulsory Product Certification (3C) and national environmental protection type certification, and the bus also passed the intermediate and advanced vehicles of the transportation department. assessment.